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Customer Service

Our descriptions are as complete as possible.If you are unsure about a specific product or spot an error in our descriptions, please contact us right away and we will be happy to get you an accurate answer.

Buyers are deemed to have read and agreed to our prices and stated delivery time frames before buying. Please read carefully and ask any questions in order for a pleasant shopping experience.

If the price is not agreeable, do not send payment. Once payment is received, we would assume that buyer has agreed to the sale price for the related invoice. We do not accept requests for discounts, partial refunds, after the sale is over.

In rare instances when we are unable to deliver the purchased product for some reason, we will contact the buyer and try to work out a best solution, usually a refund or an exchange of goods depending on the buyer’s choice. In the worst case scenario, we will make a 100% refund including shipping cost and our obligations will end there. The worst thing that can happen is that you get your money back.